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Ava Martell was born on Friday the 13th, but she has always believed in making her own luck and writing her own story. A New England native, she grew up with the words of Stephen King and J K Rowling as her companions. A few years ago, she traded the forests of Maine for the streets of Austin, Texas. A change of scenery always changes your story, and on a trip to New Orleans, the Fire From Heaven series was born.




Fire From Heaven Book 1

Eons ago, the Devil fell from grace. 
Now, he might be falling for her...

Grace Celestin is no stranger to sin. Working in a dive bar on Bourbon Street will expose a girl to a lot of nastiness. But when a disturbing prophecy leaves her with more questions than answers, the only man who can provide them is more than just a little sinful. He’s Lucifer, the Devil himself.

Luckily, the Devil’s in New Orleans—Hell’s on hiatus and the tide of damned souls has dried up, leaving him between jobs. From the moment he bumps into Grace Celestin, however, he thinks he may have found a new one. She’s being hunted, and not even voodoo can keep rogue angels off her trail.

More intriguing still is the fact that Grace isn’t just beautiful—it’s that unlike every other human who’s ever lived, Lucifer can’t read her soul. And if he wants answers, and his throne back, he’s going to have to help her get some answers of her own.

For the first time since he fell, the Devil has been drawn to the light. And Grace, despite all she knows, finds herself tempted by the darkness.


Fire From Heaven Book 2

Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear. 
Fall for an angel, and he may just lose his wings...

An Archangel, a witch, and the Devil himself walk into a crime scene. The punchline? They're Heaven's only hope.

After centuries of life, Elissa thinks she’s seen it all. But when the one angel she trusts goes missing, Elissa is forced to admit this is a new one—she’s never seen anyone abduct an angel.

With the divine out of reach, Elissa finds herself praying for infernal intervention. Better to deal with the devil you know than the angel you don't. Luckily for her, Lucifer still haunts the City of Saints and given their history, he’s willing to help.

It would have been a match made in Hell if Michael hadn’t shown up.

Millennia have passed since they last spoke, and though Michael is on his own road to redemption, Elissa remains his biggest regret. His greatest desire is to make amends for his past, but how can Elissa and Lucifer forgive him when he can’t even forgive himself?

All the while, they stand in the shadow of a monster prowling the streets of New Orleans—a monster Elissa may have created herself.



Fire From Heaven Book 3

An angel falls,
A phoenix rises.

The words “I’ve been through Hell” are usually just a figure of speech. For Phenex, they’re all too literal. As the devil’s right hand, he spent eons in the Pit, but when a witch with a vendetta against all angels - Fallen or otherwise - snares him Phenex learns that Hell is very different from the other side.

Time flows more quickly in the underworld, and too many years of torment in darkness and silence have turned Phenex into something unrecognizable. Something broken.

Luckily for him, he has an angel on his side.

Caila. The only bright spot in the perpetual darkness, and the only thing holding the fragile strands of Phenex’s sanity together. With no one but each other, old loyalties and grudges are forgotten as something deeper begins to grow.

Bonds forged in the fire are always the strongest.

The Devil never forgets his own, but escaping Hell doesn’t mean the worst is over. The lines between the worlds are blurring, and the darkest creatures from humanity’s nightmares are awakening. 

Hell brought them together. Hell ripped them apart.

And Hell is still waiting.


Fire From Heaven Book 4

Remember the white feathers.
Remember the thorns.

Hell leaves scars, even on the Devil. And when a human gets a glimpse into the Pit, they’re changed in a way that can’t be undone.

Even by love.

The gates to Hell are finally locked, but it’s too little, too late. When Lucifer’s bloody past is thrown into their present, he does the only thing he can think of to protect his newfound family.

He walks away. 

There’s always another infernal creature to hunt in the streets of the Crescent City. Always another crisis. When Lucifer’s absence triggers a chain of events with devastating consequences, it’s Grace who pays the price this time. 

Escape seems impossible, and deals with the Devil are the least of Grace’s fears now. The only path to freedom requires the help of a sworn enemy, and beneath it all, Grace is changing.




Five Blazing Hot Stars!!!


Martell nails it with Lucifer! Found a new go-to author!
Action, heart, some serious twists, and turns- hidden subtle backstabs - and a whole lot of intrigue wrapped up for an all around five star read!
Grace is just prodding through life - everyone and everything that has ever mattered to her has been ripped from her life - doing her best to make it through each day- until the day she sees the darkness and heeds the signs
I am trying to write this so you do not miss all the fun of shouting "OMG" and "NO don't do it" while at the same time I
am just going to tell you if you want a romance that will keep you engaged, have you seriously swooning for the devil himself and leave you wanting more of both than this is it- look no further
And better yet it is currently available in Kindle Unlimited


Ava Martell's Fire From Heaven series is one of those stories that sticks with you and periodically the thought pops into your head, wonder what's happened. Well, I found out when I opened my latest H.G. choice and found myself in book two. A surprise and such a treat!

I had forgotten how well Ms. Martell writes because the story line is so unique. Her story telling voice pulls you in and the outside world falls away. It is just you and the book. I didn't even know the story was over until I flipped the page and found book one staring at me. Yeah, it was kinda disappointing but this tells me there will be more and I'll be prepared, waiting with bated breath.

A Hidden Gem & Exclusive Review



This is an outstanding series and Phenex exceeded my expectations. I loved the depth and complexity with which the author created the characters. Phenex himself was amazing. He has survived unimaginable torment and, whilst broken, still has a spark in him and you can’t help but give him your heart and feel empathy for him. What he goes through nearly broke my heart and I was astounded by his strength. But Caila plays a large part in keeping that spark in him alive. The story hooked me from word go and kept me enthralled all the way through.


I have read every book in this series so far and this one is definitely the best yet!

In the first book, we learned about Grace and her connection to Heaven. The chemistry between her and Lucifer was out of this world. I was expecting that this book bearing the title “Grace,” would be all about Grace. It wasn’t really. It focused on the connection between Grace and Lucifer, but most importantly, it truly told Lucifer’s story. Who he truly was. Quite honestly, my mind was blown away by this book! I found myself asking, “Why have I never thought of this?”

I keep going back to Lucifer’s memory where he asks: “Father? Why? I just wanted…”

Ava Martell not only made me like the Devil, but she made him so real and almost relatable that I couldn’t help but empathize and subsequently fall head over heels for him! Definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year!

One Of The Best Books I've Read This Year!

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